Leverage technology to maximize supply spend

Our web-based value analysis workflow management platform enables effective, value-driven decisions to be made remotely, decreasing waste and optimizing supply spend.


Streamlined Value Analysis


    Manages all new product requests on a single platform


    Couples clinical and financial data to enable value-driven decision making

  • Communicate

    Facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders regardless of schedule or geography


    Compiles input from all members of the decision-making team to efficiently approve or deny new product requests


    Collects feedback throughout the product integration phase while tracking savings and operational efficiency

Why Hospitals Love Vendorlytics

  • Efficient Value Analysis

    Real-time remote access allows for quick decisions with minimal turn around

  • Transparency

    Visibility into the product introduction and integration process ensures that all stakeholders are involved and up to date

  • Collaboration and Savings

    Collaboration among key stakeholders leads to superior patient care while still operating within cost containment initiatives

  • Workflow Optimization

    Standardizes the product introduction process to reduce redundency and ensure accurate, insightful decision making

  • Competition

    Allows users to track and compare spending interdepartmentally to create a competitive drive to reduce costs

  • Accountability

    Ensures that vendor supplied product data is up to date and reliable while highlighting areas of opportunity for price negotiation

Fully Integrated

Engage your staff in the value analysis process anytime and anywhere with Vendorlytics Mobile.

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